Exclusive Services

Exclusive Services

Exclusive Services by NEW LIFE CAREER EXPLORATION are more advanced level and customized services focused towards your specific company needs and targets.

They entail optimal planning and development of the path to be taken to achieve the goals and objectives set by the company.

However, NLCE is NOT limited to the services listed here, since each company is different and is run by the passion of its owner with diversified choices and preferences.

E1 I Basic Analysis

Full evaluation of the client's business. Perform analytical analysis and provide a comprehensive report. Also prepare a detailed description of the proposed guidelines for the development and growth of the business wherever possible.

E2 I Start Up

Starting a new business for the client based on his/her aspirations, passion, skills, education,  experience, resources and budget.

At NLCE we have the knowledge and the expertise to develop and serve a wide range of spectrum of industries and applications. 

E3 I Marketing & Sales

Assist the client with expanding sales domestically and internationally.

Conduct new market research in the industry and the target markets wherever they exist. NLCE will actually work with and for the client to strive to achieve the targets.

Develop new customized marketing plans based upon latest technologies and trends.

E4 I Global Business Development

Making our client's company 'Export-ready'.

Perform all steps from package 'A' with the objective to transform the client's business into an export worthy entity for its products or services, whether it's a manufacturer or a service provider. 

We shall even accompany you overseas to assist you with your complex projects.