About Us

Background, Inspiration & Our Research

For the last several years, we have been conducting in-depth research on the leading USA & European based technological advancements in most of the 'ADVANCED INDUSTRIES' of today.

The resultant findings on innovation, invention and breakthroughs are unprecedented and absolutely bewildering.

We performed extensive studies, researched and analyzed the market gaps in the emerging economies, globally. Our findings show overwhelming evidence of infinite potential for the innovative USA & European technologies. Especially the insatiable markets in The Middle East and Africa (MENA) crave for the latest and the best technology available today in the world.

The above discoveries inspired our President & CEO to create and develop this one-of-a-kind initiative for the ambitious and forward-looking entrepreneurs, who he feels are horrendously missing out on inconceivably large volumes of lucrative opportunities.

Culture & Networking

The goal of the FORUM is to develop a sense of belonging and unity amongst its members and encourage a culture of teamwork, peer support and motivation.


NEW LIFE CAREER EXPLORATION also supports group chats through WhatsApp, organizing contests, highly active social media presence, and ongoing activities & programs for career and self-development.


NLCE endeavors to forge collaborations and business affiliations with top organizations & institutions including:

  • Universities & Colleges
  • Corporations
  • Research and Development Institutions
  • Science institutions
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Manufacturers from advanced industries

Experienced Leadership

Shahéd Said Khan

Visionary    I   Entrepreneur   I   Implementer   I   Facilitator 


Bachelor of Science

Industrial Technology

University of Wisconsin, USA


‘A’ Levels, ‘O’ Levels

(High School)

Economics, Physics & Mathematics

 Concord College


United Kingdom



Project Management


Data Analysis



Including 20+ Years experience in

USA & U.K.


25+ Countries

USA, Europe, Africa,  Middle East,

Far East & more


- Manufacturing  - Technology

- Innovation  -  Aviation

- Research - Cricket


  • Healthcare & Wellness

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Medical Device/Innovation

  • Carpet/Textiles Manufacturing (Hospitality/Comm/Residence)

  • Leather Goods

  • Paper Manufacturer

  • IT & Software Dev.

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Digital Marketing

  • E-commerce

  • International Trade – Multiple products

  • Theme Parks, VR/AR

  • Education

About Shahéd Said Khan

Welcome To Our Members

Dear Members,

Welcome to NEW LIFE CAREER EXPLORATION. I take great pride in introducing this highly innovative and effective platform to you.

The basis of my inspiration, conception and subsequent development of the ‘CAREER EXPLORATION FORUM’ has been my past three years of in-depth research on prospects for technology and know-how transfer from the US based leading entities to the Global Emerging Economies.

I have attended numerous trade shows and developed robust relationships with key players and professionals in multiple countries, consequently gaining tremendous insight, knowledge and substantial material to formulate this state-of-the-art initiative. 

I spent the last two years in The Middle East, focusing upon developing channels and strategies for Technology & Know-how transfer from the US to The Middle East & Africa. Most of my concentration has been upon Medical, Healthcare, Education, AI/Robotics, 3D Printing applications, sub-sectors and more.

Currently I am in the process of streamlining my overseas business counterparts, investors and Ministries aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 and the Economic Development Plans of UAE countries and Africa.

The incredible findings from my intense hard work over the last three years compel me to impart my knowledge to the leaders of the future.

I wish to openly share this reservoir and wealth of information with the aspiring young entrepreneurs & professionals to help them 'OPEN' their horizons and to catapult their careers into a new galaxy of entrepreneurial and professional environment where the leaders of the World are today. 

It would be awesome to see the younger generation to embrace this opportunity to the fullest and break away from the traditional, stagnant, non-vibrant and stale industries and segments and become people of VISION.

Best of Luck to ALL


Shahéd Said Khan

President & CEO

New Life Career Exploration