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Consulting Services

NEW LIFE CAREER EXPLORATION offers an array of Consultancy Services that encompass most of the processes, steps and options required in most cases of Business Set-up, Launch and Development.

We have relationships with overseas counterparts who are leaders in their specific fields and industries with whom we can facilitate and monitor collaborations for our clients.

A /Introduction to over 50 Industries

  • Introduction to Cutting-edge Companies
  • Awareness about advancements
  • Competitive Edge of each company

US$ 75 Per Hour    Minimum 1 Hour

B/In-depth Informative Modules

  • Comprehensive Information about Companies
  • Details about Technologies
  • Applications

US$ 100 Per Hour    Minimum 2 Hours

C/Business & Career Opportunities

  • Domestic & Global Business Opportunities
  • Business Plans & Strategy
  • Execution & Implementation

US$ 100 Per Hour    Minimum 2 Hours

D/Counseling & Mentorship 

  • Personality & Passion Analysis
  • Best-suited Options and Viability
  • Personal Development

US$ 100 Per Hour    Minimum 1 Hour


We Integrate Our Experience With Your Passion 

and the Latest Value-added Global Opportunities



We shall provide you with the latest information and facilitate you in finding 'ultra high value' global opportunities.

We are adequately & strategically well-positioned to facilitate International Joint Ventures, Collaborations and forge Partnerships between technology providers, investors and related key team players and assist towards transfer of such technology and know-how to the Middle East & African (MENA) markets.



Customized to your requirements. Ranging from comprehensive evaluation for new or existing projects to domestic and global market analysis & feasibility studies. 

Please visit the 'EXCLUSIVE SERVICES' page for more details.